Ideology of the system

Object designer


Object designer is a module of the Cobra++ suite for working with informational objects stored in the data warehouse of the Cobra++ information system.  The module fulfills the functions of creating informational objects, of editing their structure, and of making adjustments to the data warehouse. Each informational object of the information system is intended to store information about a real world object (objects). For example, an informational object can represent a reference material or one kind of documents. Informational objects have tree-like structures, which allows the most adequate and visually aided description of different parts of business.

The Cobra++ software suite helps react to changes in your enterprise in a flexible and adaptive way. The object designer allows making changes to the structure of an object, adding necessary properties and parameters. A shift from an older version of an informational object to a newer one is made without the loss of data. This technology allows evolving the informational objects of the information system, avoiding any collisions or conflicts in the data warehouse.

The Cobra++ Object Designer