Ideology of the system

Opening Up New Possibilities for the Creation of Databases and BPM/ERP Systems

The Cobra++ Software Suite enables you to design databases quickly and offers visual designing tools that let you design and deploy Business Process Management and Enterprise Resourse Planning systems.

Cobra’s data warehouse is constructed using a unique proprietary technology that automatically solves scalability problems and provides unchanging time of access to data. Our software for data warehouse organization substantially increases performance of server equipment, helping to meet the increasing performance-related requirements without switching to more expensive server equipment.

The Cobra++ Suite is a multi-layered system with an integrated object-oriented database as its core. The database represents subject matter as a set of objects (a multi-dimensional database management system).

Cobra++ technology is universal and can be used to create Business Process Management (BPM) systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in companies/organizations which have any number of employees and which operate in any industry.

Our software facilitates evolutionary reingeneering of business processes: business processes can first be modeled the way they are and then can be optimized at any time. Cobra++ BPM system can interface with planning and document-flow systems and databases that were previously in use at the company. The Cobra++ BPM system has means of synchronization with numerous types of external data sources.

Tailoring the BPM system to represent the structure of your particular enterprise as well as further deployment of the BPM system are simple and understandable for any computer user and do not demand experience in programming.

It is not necessary to involve programmers to maintain and change the BPM/ERP system. The system is purported to be evolved and modified by experts in the field of management, on their own. The system allows you to make changes and additions to the structures of informational resources on the fly without the participation of IT-specialists.

The suite allows managers to design flowcharts of business processes as well as to monitor all the business processes across the company’s divisions in real time.

The BPM system comprises tools for real-time monitoring of business processes. The interface shows the flowcharts of your company’s business processes, indicating at what stage the business processes are at the present moment or were at any other time you specify.