Ideology of the system

Analytical block

The Cobra++ software suite comprises modules intended for analysis of data. These modules help you analyse the current situation in the company as well as model various scenarios of the companys future.

Module 1. Visualisation of multi-dimensional data.

The module is used to generate a pseudo-3D plot, which visualizes quantitative properties of arrays of numbers. The generated plot is vivid and easy to remember and represents the properties of the data array. If the quantitative properties of the array change, the plot changes radically.

Features that make our module different from existing analogues:

  • The module generates an image that looks like a detailed 3D geometrical object. This object represents quantitative properties of the source multi-dimensional data;
  • The module allows an observer to rotate this pseudo-3D object and look at it from any side and angle. The generated object looks like a 3D object of constant, unchanging shape, even when it displays data in more than three dimensions simultaneously and even when it is rotated. As this generated object represents objective quantitative properties of the source multi-dimensional data, the observer can analyse dependencies both visually and analytically at the same time;
  • The module provides a stable and robust way to describe multi-dimensional data which is compatible with non-parametric statistical data analysis;
  • The module includes means of multi-dimensional statistical analysis.

The Cobra++ Analytical Module