Ideology of the system

Report generator

To allow creation of hard-copy reports, our system is integrated with the FastReport Report Designer and Generator (a product of Fast Reports, Inc.). This product has a rich set of features necessary for creation of highly customizable reports, and its flexibility in handling third-party modules facilitates integration with the Cobra++ suite. FastReport helps you design reports based on any data that flows into the Cobra++ database.

The FastReport Report Designer and Generator is intergrated into our Form Designer module. A form is a basis for a report. The data-processing elements which are present on the form are the sources of data for the report.

You can adjust the the layout of a report in a very flexible way, it is exactly as flexible as designing a form is. Once you finish designing the report template and quit the Report Designer, you are prompted to save the newly created report layout. If you agree, the created report template is attached to its source form. You can attach several variants of the report layout to one source form. When the form is used to view data, all the attached report layouts become availible. You can now use any of these temlates to print out a report.