Ideology of the system

Adaptive management based on Cobra + +

Cobra++ technology reduces the time needed to adapt a BPM/ERP system to a particular enterprise, makes BPM/ERP more flexible, and reduces the costs of maintenance. This technology brings benefits not only from an increased speed of managers’ work, but mostly from such factors as improved quality of managerial decisions, a possibility to add changes into business processes and a possibility to evaluate the competence of decision-makers.

Our software is suitable for creating a BPM/ERP system which is based on the following principles:

  • The system is constructed not in a bottom-up way, which is the most widely spread way, but in a top-down way. This fulfils the principle: director creates the indices he/she considers necessary for monitoring his/her enterprise;
  • Indices are gathered from original documents, which fulfils the principle: data is entered once.
  • It is possible to delegate specific decision-making functions to a lower level of management. If this is done, the top manager will retain only the function of checking the indices. This fulfils a principle of substitution of collective responsibility with personal;
  • Rules for deviation of indices can be set, only those indices which exceed the preset threshold can be shown. This fulfils a principle of managing according to deviation;
  • Work of an IT specialist is not necessary to make changes in the BPM/ERP system. This fulfils a principle: non-involvement of a programmer to make changes and adaptations in the BPM/ERP system.