Ideology of the system

Business-process designer


Enterprise structure designer, business process designer

The business process designer is intended for the creation of templates of business processes. Business processes are based on the hierarchy of positions in your enterprise.

The positions and their place in the hierarchy are specified using the enterprise structure designer tool. The enterprise structure designer shows the hierarchy of positions in a diagram.

Business process designer helps design business processes by connecting positions to form a flowchart of a business process. Conditions of information flow and the norms of performance are defined for the modeled business process.

It is possible to specify interaction between business processes. The adjustment of interaction is done through a Wizard. The system supports any number of connections between business processes; it is possible to use logical conditions which alter the connections.

Business process designer allows setting calendar plans for scheduling any number of business processes. When adding a business process into the calendar, it is possible to schedule repetitions of the process, such as the first Monday of every month or the last working day of every month. Then the calendar plan or a single template of a business process can be executed. To do that, a person’s account needs to have sufficient rights.

Business process designer