Ideology of the system

Form designer


Form designer is a module of the Cobra++ software suite intended for making user applications. Every user application is made on the basis of an informational object (please, also see the Object designer page). A user application is a form which contains controls and elements for data input. Every user application is intended for inputting and processing data within an exact business process. The form designer allows quick creation of an application which will meet the requirements of an exact specialist responsible for exact resources involved in a business process. There is no programming stage in the making of an application. All the operations involved in creation of a form are done via dialog windows, in which necessary properties and options are defined. Such an approach helps make the system easy to work with, making the tools convenient for the users without experience in programming. However, it must be said, that this approach does not lessen the possibilities of the user applications. On the contrary, it allows fast and adaptive design and adjustment of applications. Also, if making changes to an application is required, the specialist who is using it can change the form to meet his/her requirements without interference of an IT-specialist. The module supports setting calculations for fields of a form, work with images, creation of forms to be printed out as reports.

Ease of use, quick designing, and orientation towards end users combined with the high relialibility of the system are the main qualities not only of the Form designer module, but also of the whole Cobra++ suite.

The Cobra++ Form Designer