Ideology of the system

Object-functional approach to management

The aim of the object-functional approach to management is creating a network model of an enterprise. "Cobra++" is intended for evolutionary reengineering of business processes, and it is possible to model the current structure of an enterprise first and then make any optimizations. The network scheme of an enterprise is created according to the following principles:
  • the same informational environment to view data and to influence work in the enterprise;
  • eliminating flows of overlapping information and, accordingly, eliminating overlapping managerial functions;
  • decentralization of management and reallocation of responsibility for resources;
  • setting the rules of data creation, usage and storage in the integrated database of the company;
  • ability to trace the whole life-cycle of data to solve problems of operational management;
  • creating metrics for evaluating the current state of the company and for making predictions;
  • motivating decision-makers by rewarding them for correct and timely managerial influences within the scope of their governance.