Ideology of the system

New R&D

We invite co-investors to co-finance the projects that have succesfully passed an assesment by the Skolkovo Center for Innovations and have been categorized as computer technologies of strategic importance.


Brief summary of the 1-st project: 

Development of a Database Management System that uses the Cobra++ technology and fulfills the principles outlined in the Third-Generation Database System Manifesto. Creation of software applications that utilise object-oriented and functional approaches and are based on this DBMS.

The project has passed an assesment by the Skolkovo Center for Innovations and has received a positive review.
The aim of the project is to create an absolutely new DBMS with the Object-Oriented data structure which can work with every type of data and has unlimited scalability when handling data that is linked by relationships.


Brief summary of the 2-nd project: 

Development of cognitive technologies and software applications to visualize multi-dimensional data in the form of aesthetically perceived images that stimulate the intuition of a decision maker. The project has passed an assessment by Center for Innovations and has received a positive review.The aim of the project is to create new systems for the cognitive visualization of poorly structured multi-dimensional data which will allow a human decision-maker to quickly process big arrays of data by stimulating the person’s intuition so as to aid this person in making decisions related to engineering, design, research or management.

Other news related to our R&D:                                                                                                                                                

Successful Completion of a Navigational System

We have sucessfully finished developing a navigational system that can track location of vehicles of and can help manage cargo and passenger transportation on city, inter-city and international routes. This navigational system is a part of the Corporate Business Process Management System for Transportation Companies.


Development of an Information System for Regional Governments is Underway

We are currently creating a basic configuration of a Territorial Information System on the basis of Cobra++ for municipalities of Russian Federation (the Territory Management project).

A Metodology of Evolutionary Reingeneering Has Been Created

We have created a methodology of evolutionary reengineering of business processes for those manufacturing companies that operate in the field of mechanical engineering. The created methodology can be used to deploy company-wide information systems and to perform gradual non-destructive transformations of existing business processes in order to optimize these processes on the basis of their deep integration with information technology.

Teaching materials on the methodology have been created for those universities that partner with us in our educational program.

A Free Version of the Cobra++ Suite for Institutions of Higher Education 

An educational version of the Cobra++ suite has been released. The version is created on top of the Oracle Database XE platform.

Our technology that facilitates design and deployment of Business Process Managemet Systems is represented in this educational version. Students can learn:

  • to design business process management systems for enterprises or to design individual business processes;
  • to model virtual enterprises/organizations and to perform analysis of all the business processes of the modelled enterprise;
  • to create systems of BPM, ERP, MRP classes.

Since January 2009 there is an ongoing program of supplying a free basic version of the Cobra++ suite to universities of the Russian Federation to be used in their teaching curriculum. Over 30 Russian universities take part in the educational program. Among them are: the St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics; the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance; Bauman Moscow State Technical University; the Financial Academy under the Government of Russian Federation; the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics; the Moscow State Automobile and Road Construction University; Kosygin Moscow State Textile University; the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Equipment; the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation; the Moscow State Technical University (MAMI); the Ivanovo State Textile Academy; the Kostroma State Technological University.