Ideology of the system

Developing without programmers


Changes to the corporate information system are made with the help of visual programming. Working with any module of the system does not require users to write any code, but instead is done via dialog windows, which visually represent the corresponding element of the system such as an informational object or a model of a business process.

The used approach helps experts/specialists in operation of the company create and evolve the corporate information system. The role of an IT-specialist stops being dominant.

A user of the corporate information system can create an application for scheduled/conditional collection, storage and search of data in the integrated data warehouse.

Creation of informational objects, forms and instances of informational objects does not demand knowing any programming languages and is done in a way similar to conventional filling of forms. This facilitates maintaining and evolving the information system by the organizers and performers of business processes.


a) While small-scale databases can be created using visual designing tools, the creation of highly scalable databases still goes through three phases.

Conventional way of designing sighly scalable databases


b) The Cobra++ approach to the creation of highly scalable databases.

The Cobra++ approach to the creation of highly scalable databases