Ideology of the system

Cobra++ technology

The Cobra++ technology brings about new opportunities by transforming conventional paperwork into an automated workflow throughout the company. The business management system that is created with the help of the Cobra++ software is an integrated object-oriented database, that is meant to reproduce the reality that is relevant for your company’s operation as a collection of informational objects which have tree-like structures.

The key parts of the created business management system are:

  • A subsystem allowing fast creation of high-quality informational resources;
  • A subsystem to model and to manage business processes;
  • A subsystem for data exchange with other databases;
  • A subsystem for analyzing the collected data.

The structure of an object is a tree-like structure. The software allows making changes to the structures of objects, which is done in a way that avoids conflicts within the database through the use of objects’ versions. The software supports modelling relevant reality starting from a top manager’s request which is then decomposed by subsequent data providers in a cascade way.

The Cobra++ technology supports creation of an unlimited number of informational objects with the time of access to current data and to a data archive remaining unchanged regardless of the quantity of informational objects and of their instances in the data warehouse. It is possible to set the retrieval time within which the system must process queries. The automatic organisation of the data warehouse will then ensure that the time of access to data matches the set retrieval time regardless of the amount of data stored. The system automatically adjusts to the data warehouse’s increase in scale and does not require any interference of a programmer to improve the time of the system’s response to an input, editing, deletion of data and search queries. It is not necessary to make any corrections to the data structure, or changes to the indices, or to compress data by archiving it, which usually needed to be done by programmers.

The new technology that lets users create informational resources helps solve a number of practical tasks of management:


  • the technology helps create systems of Business Process Management. It is possible to design the systems from the top downwards, so that the top manager specifies the data he/she needs, which is then decomposed into more detailed business processes;
  • the system allows users to make changes to the structures of informational objects without involvement of programmers. The user of the system is not dependent on the developer. 

Layers of the system