Ideology of the system

User home screen

The software suite has means of managing roles and rights of users and delivering to them the tasks to be done.

To start working, an employee must sign in. The computer where the employee signs in is associated with the employee for this work session. When the authorization is completed, the server sends the list of current employees tasks which have not been completed earlier or have been received while the employee was away. For every task, information about the actions to be done, the involved input form, the initiator of the task is shown. The system arranges the tasks by the time they were received, but the employee can fulfill the tasks of the list in any order. The employee can also switch to see the fulfilled tasks and the statistical results of his/her work.

In addition to its main function of delivering documents to the employees, the user homescreen has complementary features: it is possible exchange messages and to send files.
When the employee works from another computer, all the tasks and settings of the system will be transferred to the new computer after the employee signs in.

The steps fulfilled by the information system designers which involved working with the Object Designer and the Form Designer modules were preparatory for entering data into the data warehouse. Employees work with data via a module for working with instances - Instances Creator. The Instances Creator is a  universal application, which uploads a form created in the Form Designer (please, see the Form designer page) and allows working with it preserving all the parameters and options set for the form. The principles of the work of the Instances Creator are similar to the principles of a web-browser, as the application generates the layout using the properties received from the server. There is a single tool not only for designing and adjusting any user application (please, see the Form designer page), but also a single tool to use the applications. Which simplifies the architecture of the Cobra++ software suite. The Instances Creator module also supports the following:

  • Filtering reference data by using tables of solutions;
  • Searching instances;
  • Attaching files of external programs (such as Microsoft Office documents) to an instance.

Home screen