Ideology of the system

Business-process monitor


Business process monitor is the main tool of a manager. This monitor is the source of real-time information about the state of all the business processes running within the enterprise and about the results of work of the companys personnel. Regular monitoring of the business processes allows the manager to react timely to all the changes in the work of his/her enterprise.

Monitoring within the Cobra++ system is done through a special module. Through this module you can start either a template of a business process (so that the process runs once), or a calendar plan that schedules one or several business processes. Through the same module you can get comprehensive, real-time information about the work of your enterprise.

If the account has enough rights, the signed-in person can monitor business processes in real time. This monitoring can be accessible for managers of all levels, helping them control workers and better distribute tasks between people or equipment and across time. Together with the business process designer, the monitor facilitates reengineering of business processes.

While a business process is running, records of the preset indices are made in the data warehouse.

The monitor can visualize a business process upon the request of an authorized user:

  • show its input and output;
  • help analyze the order of steps, factual and normative time of their completion, factual and normative resource consumption;
  • check whether there are enough indices to run a process;
  • display information about every participant: showing main and auxiliary participants, their field of responsibility and governance, the normative quality and amount of their work/decisions;

The business process monitor features an indicator of conformity with norms, which is a visual aid allowing a manager to react to disturbances in the workflow and make necessary changes.

Business-process monitor